Mariana Zataraín ~ Dancing her way towards the International Day of Dance

espanol- Mariana Zataraín ~ Dancing her way towards the International Day of Dance

Mariana-Zatarain-2-620x413 Mariana Zataraín ~ Dancing her way towards the International Day of Dance

By MoKa Hammeken*

We intercepted Mariana Zataraín during one of her intense practices at the Municipal Auditorium just so we could speak with her about the upcoming International Day of Dance celebration, to be held for the third time here in Puerto Peñasco on Friday, April 19th at Hotel Peñasco del Sol.
“The presentation will be in three acts, and it’s a surprise which I hope everyone likes. As far as a “main dish”, I don’t know, each of you will have to decide. We are preparing everything and putting all of our efforts and enthusiasm into it so that it will be spectacular!

Each dancer will come and present their own choreography; with all the practices we’ve been having everything should come out on point (though there are always details that arise).

There will be a presentation by all three groups of the municipal school of Classic Ballet, each with two or three choreographies. Then there comes a presentation of ballroom dancing, salsa and tango, as well as special invited guests from Colegio Cima and a Bellydance group. This is all local talent.

Though I say it’s all “local talent,” I don’t want people to think that this type of event is just like any festival, because I don’t treat it that way. This is a celebration of dance; the International Day of Dance has been recognized globally by UNESCO since 1982, seeking to celebrate the day of dance with dancers invested in it as promoters, and not solely as a festival or fair so that due importance be given to dance.

I want this to exist for Peñasco, for people to see dance as art, and that any person that does it or does any type of artistic movement see it as a discipline, as something to be taken seriously and not just as another hobby.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the poster, which is a t-shirt that is almost falling apart… well, this is why – practice, repetition, that “hook” (to put it one way), giving yourself over to your artistic discipline and the desire for everything to come out perfectly.

The original International Day of Dance is actually April 29th, though due to availability at Hotel Peñasco del Sol we moved the presentation up to the 19th. I would love for everyone to go and participate in this celebration, along with all those who have pushed themselves so hard to put it on!”

The International Day of Dance celebration will be Friday, April 19th, 6 p.m. in the Gran Salón of Peñasco del Sol Hotel. Tickets are $50 pesos and available in advance at Casa de la Cultura (across from City Hall). Remaining tickets will be available at the door (same cost).

*Excerpts in English translated from original in Spanish / Translation: SKR




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