Manufacture of concrete block for Homeport Breakwater

For more than a month, work taking place on a property near Bella Sirena in the area of Sandy Beach has drawn the attention of locals and tourists alike.

Enormous plates have been built to mold and hold concrete cubes, which will be used for ongoing work on the breakwater in preparation for Puerto Peñasco’s cruise ship Homeport. The property also houses a warehouse for staff and a lab to test the concrete quality.

Dozens of people are currently working on manufacturing one ton concrete cubes, as well as giant cubes weighing in at 10.26 tons. These will be used to strengthen the breakwater. One can easily observe how the concrete cubes come out of the iron molds and then are placed perfectly on the holding plates.

Wendy Winzer, in charge of the breakwater project as well as for providing follow-up on the manufacture of the concrete cubes, indicates the process may extend over a period of several months before the required amount of material is met to continue work on the Homeport breakwater.

It is worth noting the molds for the concrete cubes were made by an ironsmith workshop here in Puerto Peñasco.



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