Local Rotary Club and S.O.S. team up with General Hospital for Medical Mission

 By José Antonio Pérez

Several women from Puerto Peñasco, as well as from Sonoyta, benefited from a recent Medical Mission held by the group Sustainable Outreach Solutions (SOS), in conjunction with the local Rotary Club, which offered gynecologic laparoscopy surgeries at the local General Hospital.

Janeth Magaña, member of the S.O.S. team, reported the three days focused on women’s health were the result of hard work and coordination between the Mar de Peñasco Rotary Club, the State Secretary of Health, and the General Hospital of Puerto Peñasco.  Nine women, all selected by the General Hospital, took part in the free medical attention.

Magaña detailed the 16-person volunteer S.O.S. group was made up of doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, clinical technicians, and a biomed tech, among others.  In addition to the surgeries, S.O.S. also donated various pieces of medical equipment and supplies to the General Hospital including a defibrillator, pulse oximeters, a nebulizer, and an electrocautery machine, along with much-needed consumable items for the hospital’s surgical staff (gloves, crib sheets, etc.).

The director of the Puerto Peñasco General Hospital, Pablo Martinez Valeriano, explained this medical mission has been in the works for about a year though specific selection of patients began as early as September of 2019. He detailed patients had to be specially selected as these types of surgeries are not ordinarily done at this hospital, or patients face a long wait time.  He also highlighted the importance and benefit of each of these surgeries, since they usually would have cost the patients at least 30 thousand pesos. However, thanks to this project, patients were able to receive the operation free of charge.

S.O.S.-Jan-2020-1-1200x900 Local Rotary Club and S.O.S. team up with General Hospital for Medical Mission

Biomed tech Juan José Ramirez, also an S.O.S. team member, explained while this is the first time S.O.S. has visited Puerto Peñasco, it has already done similar Medical Brigades in Sonora including to Alamos and Navojoa, with hopes of possibly turning this into a yearly activity in Puerto Peñasco.

Sustainable Outreach Services President and Founder Dale Gray is also a member of the Rotary Club of Scottsdale. He highlighted the partnership and organization between the local Rotary Club and S.O.S. was key in implementing the Medical Mission, which also included improvements to the transfer “grey area” within the hospital and sprucing up a garden area at the hospital meant for patients and medical staff alike.



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