Local Red Cross readiness for Spring holidays

The local Red Cross is prepared for the influx of people to Puerto Peñasco over Spring Break and Semana Santa.

Red Cross EMT Coordinator Rubén Barajas Jaime noted they’ve adapted their strategy this spring to the Covid-19 pandemic as, in addition to responding to accidents, they must remain alert to the virus.

Last year, recalled Barajas, with the city and beaches closed mid-March they did not address many instances with tourists. This year, however, is different as beaches will remain open.

Fortunately, he stated, local Red Cross ambulance movement related to coronavirus has decreased 50%, allowing them to address other incidents that may arise. He stressed the EMT staff is fully available, as well as the institution’s five ambulances.

The EMT Coordinator indicated, as the amount of Spring Breakers through the rest of March merges with visitors coming for Semana Santa, the local Red Cross has taken steps to be able to provide the best care possible.

The Red Cross in Puerto Peñasco is located on Blvd. Fremont, and can be contacted directly at 638 383 2266, or emergencies reported to 911



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