Local Red Cross hopeful for annual fundraising campaign

Local Red Cross EMT Coordinator, Rubén Barajas Jaime, reports talks are underway to hold their 2021 fundraising campaign.  He noted the annual collection campaign, suspended last year due to Covid-19 concerns, is one of the institution’s main sources of revenue to ensure they can continue to provide an annual average of 10,000 forms of service.

If able to hold the two-month fundraising campaign this year, he assures, this will be done in strict adherence to Covid-19 protocols while ensuring ongoing regular service at the Red Cross.

Barajas detailed the local Red Cross is sustained principally through generous contributions, though has also found support through State Delegate Carlos Freaner Figueroa and the current Peñasco administration.

It’s worth noting, the last campaign, held in 2019, raised 719,000 pesos (approximately $39,000 US), representing 20% more than that year’s fundraising goal.

The Red Cross in Puerto Peñasco is located on Blvd. Fremont, and can be contacted directly at 638 383 2266, or emergencies reported to 911



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