Local Artisan Art Expo by Shrimp Plaza

Many local artisans, who at other times of the year may be found strolling up and down the city’s beaches with their wares, or in shops along Calle 32 “Rodeo Drive” on the former road to Cholla Bay, have set up an Art Expo on the fringe of Shrimp Plaza near City Hall. The small art expo, entitled Ticchichihua en Puerto Peñasco incorporates a Nahuatl word meaning “hecho” in Spanish or rather “made”. Artisan Alberto Catarino, standing alongside displays of jewelry and colorful purses made from recycled paper, repeated the pronunciation of the Nahuatl word “Tik-chi-chihoo-ah” and explained while all of the artisans now live in Puerto Peñasco the majority originally come from the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.

Catarino furthered the artisans plan to hold the expo throughout the month of December, offering a wide range of Christmas gift options including jewelry, ponchos, handmade baskets, ironwood sculptures, and ceramics, as well as a tchotchke or two. There are also tamales for sale, Alberto explained, and additional food products to come.

The Ticchichihua en Puerto Peñasco art expo is located on the edge of Shrimp Plaza, near City Hall at the intersection of Blvds. Juarez and Fremont. The artisans plan to be there daily if possible until about Dec. 23 from approximately 10 a.m. – 7/8 p.m.



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