Local AMPI donates medical supplies to General Hospital

By José Antonio Pérez

The local chapter of the Asociación Mexicana de Profesiónales Inmobiliarios (AMPI – local real estate association) donated 42 medical coveralls to the General Hospital of Puerto Peñasco at the end of April, to assist medical and nursing staff confront the present coronavirus pandemic.

Martin Martínez González, Puerto Peñasco AMPI member, detailed given the current Covid-19 contingency and in being part of the greater community, the realtor association decided to help in keeping medical personnel and nurses safe in case they have to deal with the virus.

He noted in neighboring municipalities of San Luis Rio Colorado and Caborca, unfortunately, there has been a high rate of coronavirus therefore they are seeking ways to acquire tools so that health workers in Peñasco are as well protected as possible.

Dr. Ramón Espinoza, Deputy Director at the local General Hospital, expressed appreciation for the donation, which certainly will be put to good use in providing continuity to the work of caring for the community of Puerto Peñasco.  He noted as various organizations have donated material and equipment to the hospital, they are being sure to measure this wisely and put to use when needed.

Dr. Espinoza assured any donation is welcome, given there can never be enough medical supplies and even less so in an emergency health situation such as what Mexico – Sonora – and Puerto Peñasco are facing with Covid-19.

If other institutions and organizations are looking to donate material to the General Hospital, he added, the most urgent needs are medical coveralls and N-95 masks.



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