Local agreements on possible steps to gradually reopen Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

Business leaders and the local administration held a virtual meeting on May 1st, seeking initial agreements on how to gradually reopen Puerto Peñasco.  Mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro detailed the 24 members of the Puerto Peñasco Business Advisory Board, including representatives from the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) and local Chamber of Commerce (CANACO), agreed on providing a pathway for alternatives to gradually restart some economic and social activities.

The mayor explained following an exchange of opinions and proposals, they agreed to maintain the sanitary health filter (roadblock), which has been in operation for three weeks, in order to provide a way for certain activities within the city itself to reopen possibly by May 10th.

“In the commercial sector, we are evaluating activities to restart based on successful cases in other countries, in adherence to recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). In the social realm, some outdoor exercise activities could be feasible, with due restrictions as well as constant healthy distance protocols and hygiene,” he furthered.

The idea, explained the mayor, is to begin to generate mobility within Puerto Peñasco itself and only with the people of Peñasco, that means beaches would remain closed, as well as bars and nightclubs, in addition to zero large events and other restrictions.

He clarified the return of tourism would be later, once companies within the field are accredited as “Covid-19 free”. To achieve this, tourism service providers would have to find ways to demonstrate they are negative for coronavirus to provide certainty to visitors once this health emergency is over.

“These proposed guidelines are so that Puerto Peñasco doesn’t remain 100% detained for much longer, that some activities can begin to revive in an orderly and safe manner so that, in due time, the port can gradually reopen to visitors and with it the necessary flow so local economic activity can once again be viable and, above all, provide the ability to support thousands of families,” stated the mayor.

These proposals will be submitted to the Municipal Health and Safety Board for consensus.  Most importantly, clarified the mayor, these steps are subject to Puerto Peñasco maintaining a low incidence of Covid-19 coronavirus, which is why it is necessary for residents to not let their guard down and continue to stay home.



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