Little Lía: An example of tenacity and strength

By José Antonio Pérez

Not being able to walk, run, or move like other children her age does not hamper Lía Reneé Ramírez Maldonado’s wish to have her own YouTube channel while striving to become a scientist.

At nine years old, Lía forces herself daily to battle the spinal muscular atrophy she has had since birth. The genetic defect makes Lía push herself much more than any other child her age.

Currently enrolled in 4th grade at Elvira Fabiola Ceseña elementary in Puerto Peñasco, Lía attends classes each day from her crib, just as she’s done since she began her education. Equipped with an exemplary attitude, Lía knows it’s difficult to be in the classroom as she can’t go up to the board to write, or play with the others by running around and doing other activities, but as she adapts things become easier.

Tenacious Lía affirms she’s about to begin as a “youtuber” and, with the help of her father, will open her own page called “Soy Lía” (I am Lía).  There, she plans to share her life story and all she’s done to get ahead. Her plan is to detail how she completes elementary school, then Junior High, and up through her desire to become a scientist.

Lía’s mom, Yolanda Maldonado Gautherau, stresses Lía is a very happy young girl, with a tremendous desire to thrive. She details young Lía is always setting new goals, and envisioning different professions.  Lía, furthers her mom, dreams of being able to walk one day, just as other kids her age. Unfortunately, this is not possible in her condition given the spinal muscular atrophy she’s had since birth.  Yet, this doesn’t hold her back from enjoying school, spending time with classmates, and preparing to move forward with her life.

Melba Iveth Beltrán Moreno, Lía’s teacher, defines the young student as different, in that she’s always open to doing what needs to be done and wants to know everything, always asking questions and participating in class.

With these traits, adds Beltrán Moreno, Liá’s classmates are always at her side and wanting to help.  As a teacher, she adds, she feels extremely fortunate to have Lía as a student because she’s a living example that we all can do what we want, without obstacles.

In January 2018, Lía is scheduled to go to Pasadena, California, where she’ll undergo studies prior to an operation aimed at improving her quality of life.  The family is currently welcoming any type of support to help with costs to cover transportation and other expenses.  Plus, to further Lía’s dream of becoming a “youtuber”, she also needs a high-speed internet router and video camera.  Lía would also greatly benefit from daily items and accessories to help with bathing, and in general things to assist with daily activities.

If you’d like to help Lía, Puerto Peñasco’s little warrior, you may contact her father (in Spanish) Edgardo Ramírez López at cell: 638 109 8777.  You may also contact Rocky Point 360 for more information.



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