Las Palomas HOA presents welcome donation to Fire Department

On October 7th, representatives from the Las Palomas HOA Board of Directors met with local Fire Department personnel, the head of Civil Protection, and Mayor Ernesto Munro to present the department with a donation of much needed and important equipment.

Arizona firefighter Mike Cichocki of the Las Palomas Board,  and President of FireFighter CPR located in Gilbert, AZ, commented on his role in helping to coordinate purchase of the donated equipment after the association recognized certain needs at the Puerto Peñasco Fire Department.

Cichocki detailed the recent donation included an Air Compressor to fill the department’s SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). This allows crews to go into fires and not be affected by toxic fumes and smoke. He noted the previous compressor had broken and had yet to be replaced due to cost constraints, so Las Palomas stepped up to assist.  The Las Palomas HOA also donated flashlights and extra air pack bottles to the fire department.

firefightercpr-donation-bomberos-1200x900 Las Palomas HOA presents welcome donation to Fire Department

Acting Civil Protection Director Alan Montiveros indicated the overall equipment donation from the Las Palomas HOA included a compressor, three 4500 lb. capacity waterfall tanks, a Hypres tank fill pan, 2 flashlights, MSA air equipment and 3 MSA reserve cylinders, and a pair of boots for structural fires.

In sharing news on the donation, Cichocki emphasized, “We recognized the need for the Puerto Penasco Fire Department and we’re excited that we could help them out. It was so important that the Head of Civil Protection, the Fire Chief and Mayor all participated in the event.  It was a great day and very much appreciated. We look forward to continued support.”



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