Las Conchas Presidents Day Yard Sale

By Richard Scott

“You can find really cool stuff here” said the lady carrying a large ceramic cat. “How much for your chair?” Oh, well I hadn’t thought about it as I planned to sit in it while selling all my really cool stuff.  “Give me a price,” I told garage_sale_prices_300x200 Las Conchas Presidents Day Yard Saleher. “Five bucks?” She said. “Hmmm…this one’s kind of sentimental, had it since I first moved to Las Conchas…I was thinking more like twelve.” The look on ceramic cat lady’s face told me I had over played my hand. “Tell you what, I’ll come back before I leave. If it’s still here, maybe we can make a deal.”  Needing a break from the world of high finance, I cruised over to the table selling beer. Where can you get a cold one, meet your neighbors, and buy their stuff, all while helping support 10 local charitable organizations? That would be the annual Las Conchas Yard Sale!

“This all started as a big party.” according to Lori Aker-Ramirez, in her 7th year as Chairperson for the Las Conchas Community Relations Committee. “We do five events a year, but this one generates the most money. It also helps us give out 60 food bags a month, which is a way for us to participate in the community that we are so lucky to live in.”  In recent years, the Las Conchas Community Relations Committee has raised nearly $20,000 annually for the various groups it helps support: Casa Hogar home for the elderly, Escuela Montaña, Comunidad de Valores, Esperanza orphanage, Nueva Creación school, the Special Olympics, Red & Terri’s Puppy Rescue, Nancy Phelan’s Dog Rescue, and CEDO.

This years’ Las Conchas Yard sale is on Saturday, February 15th, from 11 am to 3pm , followed by the Social Hour from 3pm to 5pm (yeah, Social Hours are 2 hours long in Las Conchas!).  If you’re coming to the sale, drive in past the guard shack, and turn right at the 2nd street (Los Patos). Anyone can pay $10 dollars for a space to sell, and lots and lots of people come looking to buy. Yard Sale organizers are also gladly accepting much appreciated donated items. For more information, call Cynthia Riggs (382-0466 MX 602-980-1550 US) or email

“Ten dollars for the chair.” Still accompanied by her ceramic kitty escort, she finds me standing beside my mostly empty table. “Oh, looks like you sold it, huh?” “Well, YEAH” I say. I just don’t tell her it went for five bucks.

las-conchas-hoa-630x126 Las Conchas Presidents Day Yard Sale

Gran Venta de Patio en Las Conchas  15 de febrero

Por Richard Scott

El Gran Venta de Patio en Las Conchas se llevará a cabo el día sábado, 15 de febrero de 11 a.m. a 3 p.m., con una hora social (realmente dos horas) de 3 p.m. a 5 p.m.  La Venta de Patio, promovida por el Comité de Relaciones Comunitarias de Las Conchas es uno de cinco eventos que el grupo organiza anualmente para apoyar a 10 grupos de beneficencia en la comunidad, así como para ayudarles en preparar más de 60 bolsas de comida que distribuyen mensualmente.

Cualquier persona puede participar en la Venta de Patio en Las Conchas al adquirir un espacio por $10 US. Asimismo, el Comité sigue recibiendo artículos donados para su venta. El día de la Venta, encontrarás los puestos al pasar la caseta de seguridad y al dar vuelta a la derecha en la segunda calle (Ave. Los Patos).

Mayores informes con: Cynthia Riggs (382-0466 MX 602-980-1550 US) or email



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