Las Conchas Home Tour & CEDO fundraiser news!

ospre-620x424 Las Conchas Home Tour & CEDO fundraiser news!On Saturday, March 3rd over one hundred people made it out to the annual Las Conchas/CEDO Home Tour where five beautiful houses, as well as CEDO, opened their doors to the public as part of the Center’s annual fundraising activities.  Alycia Nelson, a Field Education Intern at the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, tells us efforts of the Las Conchas homeowners’ community managed to raise $1545 US for CEDO’s environmental education, coastal conservation, and fisheries programs.  Nelson explains, “This fundraiser was begun many years ago by CEDO’s docents, and it wouldn’t be such a success today without their continued support and the support of the rest of the Peñasco community.”

In addition to the yearly Home Tour, there are many other ways to contribute to CEDO’s work: become a member of CEDO, volunteer, participate in an ecotour, subscribe to their newsletter, purchase a tile in their Sea of Support display, come to a natural history talk, and spread the word to your friends! For more information, visit their website, or contact them at



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