Kilombo Boutique: Hip store & More!

Offering a space to promote Mexican goods and handcrafts, as well as its own urban designs while providing a venue for local artists is the goal of Kilombo Boutique, Arte Urbano & Café begun just over a year ago in Puerto Peñasco.

The store, which offers Mexican clothing with urban designs, jewelry, upcycled and recycled items, items for artists, as well as handcrafts and much more, is the only spot in the city of its kind as, along with promoting local art, it has opened a space for artists to express themselves.

Laura Rivera, project creator, is convinced a clothing store need not only be that – but rather take advantage of its ability to promote that which is designed and created in Mexico, as well as help encourage and promote local artists looking for a space to display or present their craft.

Every other Monday or so, the central Kilombo shop, located on Blvd. Juarez (near TelCel), provides a venue for music, visual arts, dance, and various forms of artistic expressions. There, the comfortable space invites all to enjoy good music and art, along with a cup of coffee. (Upcoming presentation June 26th @ 8 pm)

“We support Mexican designs and manufacturers; everything is from Mexico, along with a few items from India,” explains Rivera, “We also develop our own t-shirts and have a concession for the 360 Mexican spray paint brand.”

Kilombo has also opened its doors to workshops, such as the watercolor class through the month of June, and upcoming courses led by local artists.

To find out more about Kilombo, their designs and artist evenings, visit them on Facebook:  Kilombo  or in Plaza Gaviotas local #12 on Blvd. Juarez, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.  Plus, a second Kilombo shop can be found in the city’s center across from Farmacia Benavides and Optica Turati.



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