Kiko Munro returns to mayoral role

Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro temporarily stepped out of office in early April due to upcoming electoral bouts this June. However, the Electoral Superior Court of the Federal branch last week ruled Munro could return, as the position he is vying for is a representational role chosen by the party and not by the popular election itself.

The National Action Party (PAN) had chosen Munro earlier this year as a candidate for local representative, yet under the principle of proportional representation – or rather, derived from direct assignment by the party. As such, he does not run a popular campaign for the June election and, per the ruling, did not need to leave his current position as mayor.

Kiko Munro returned to his role as Puerto Peñasco mayor on Thursday, May 6th, where he will remain until the end of his administration on September 15th.

Statewide elections for Governor, Mayor, as well as Representatives is June 6th.



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