July 4th exceeds expectations!

Puerto Peñasco received nearly 45,000 visitors to its beaches over the recent 4th of July weekend , providing a boost of approximately 44.5 million pesos to the area, reported Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado.

The OCV President indicated over the 4th of July weekend beach front hotels were at full capacity while other complexes topped 60% occupancy. He remarked, in comparison to other years, families remained in the area for longer stays as many arrived on the Friday before and stayed through Tuesday, the 5th, highlighting there are more and more entire families who are visiting Puerto Peñasco in contrast to prior years when the majority were groups of younger travelers.

Over the 4th of July weekend the first groups of Mexican vacationers were also notable, particularly those from Baja California.  The OCV expects an increase in regional visitors during the second part of July – not to mention the possible impact of TAR flights to begin July 21st, connecting Puerto Peñasco with Tijuana, Cd. Juárez, and Hermosillo.



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