Injured turtle rescued near Malecón

By José Antonio Pérez

An injured Pacific green sea turtle was rescued the morning of Monday, August 12th, from in front of the malecón by staff from the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT), Municipal Ecology, and the Federal Environmental Protection agency (PROFEPA).

ZOFEMAT Director Luis Cesar García González detailed the turtle, both front fins of which showed signs of injury, was spotted floating near the restaurant The Point in the malecón by a recreational fishing boat. The non-life-threatening injuries appeared to have been caused by a predator, most probably a shark.

Ecological and environmental agencies decided to place the injured turtle in the “Mar de Cortez” aquarium while it recovers, though return to its natural habitat is unlikely.  Erick Francisco Gastelúm Pacheco, head of Animal Control for the Municipal Health Office, detailed the turtle’s injuries are already in the process of healing though would leave it vulnerable upon return to sea.

The Pacific green sea turtle (chelonia agassizii) is listed as endangered on the Official Mexican Standard NOM-059-SEMARAT-2010. It is generally found along the Pacific coast, from Canada to Tiera del Fuego, and can migrate up to 3500 km.

aug-2019-rescate-tortuga-5 Injured turtle rescued near Malecón aug-2019-rescate-tortuga-3 Injured turtle rescued near Malecón aug-2019-rescate-tortuga-2 Injured turtle rescued near Malecón



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