Increase in number of animals released back into desert

Despite the pandemic, and thanks to reports from the community of Puerto Peñasco, the number of wild desert animal rescue cases within the area has increased in 2020.

Erick Gastélum Pacheco of Municipal Health detailed his office has rescued and successfully released over 20 different animals back into their natural habitat this year. The various animals, including 15 owls, 2 hawks, an osprey, 5 snakes, and a tarantula, had ventured into the urban limits of Puerto Peañsco.

The Municipal Health Office noted there has been valuable progress in creating a culture of reporting the presence of wild animals within the city. Gastélum Pacheco indicated over the years these reports have allowed for the rescue and release of coyotes, sea lions, desert foxes, red-tail hawks, and other desert and marine species.

To report wild animals, the recommendation is to call 911 and/or report to the Health Office so they can proceed with established protocols.



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