Increase in desert wildlife rescues

The number of rescues of desert wildlife that have ventured into the urban area of Puerto Peñasco continues to increase in 2021.

Municipal Health Coordinator Erick Francisco Gastélum Pacheco remarked, fortunately, more and more people are reporting when they spot wildlife within populated areas.  His office has documented the capture and release of at least 30 specimens of diverse species so far this year. While most of these were returned to their natural habitat, there were some cases where the animals had to be put down.

Rescued desert wildlife in the area have included: owls, falcons, osprey, and snakes, among other species.

The Municipal Health Coordinator lauded increased community awareness of reporting spotted wildlife to authorities.  As in all emergency cases, if you spot a wild animal within the urban area, immediately notify the Health Office by contacting 911 or C-5.



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