74 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
May 19, 2019

Hurricane watch in Puerto Peñasco

With Hurricane Rosa stirring in the Pacific (and Sergio not far behind), the storm’s trajectory is apparently headed toward the northern part of Baja California and across northwestern Sonora on its way toward southwestern U.S.

This past week, the Mexican Navy activated the prevention phase of its “Marine Plan” across the states of Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, and Sinaloa.

Locally, the local Chamber of Commerce detailed following a meeting with local and state Civil Protection authorities, along with emergency agencies, the public is encouraged to take necessary precautions in Puerto Peñasco beginning Sunday evening (Sept. 30th) and through Monday or Tuesday (Oct 1st – 2nd) as the weather system is expected to make its way over the area.

rosa-3 Hurricane watch in Puerto Peñasco


  • Have adequate drinking water on hand
  • Gas in vehicles
  • Have candles and food available at home
  • Clean out drains and tie down any loose objects on patios
  • Stay alert to radio announcements
  • Emergency #s in Puerto Peñasco: 911Police station / Seguridad Pública 383-2626 or 383 1616
    Fire Department / Bomberos 383 2828
    Red Cross / Cruz Roja 383 2266
    Harbor Master / Capitán del Puerto 383 3035
    Naval Sector 383 2603



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