Horseback riding on the beach

100_2528-1-620x465 Horseback riding on the beachCue the romantic music, the sun going down over the water, and hoof prints making their mark in the sand.  Beyond jet-skis racing across the waves, or a banana boat bouncing along near the shore, another of Rocky Point’s fun activities is horseback riding on the beach.

Joe Houchin, writer for the Sonoran Resort blog, shares terrific information about saddling up and taking to the sand – and other spots in town – on horseback. Read his recent article here: Horseback Riding the Beaches of Rocky Point

In addition to individuals along the beach offering horseback rides, you can stop by El Establo on Plutarco Elias Calles (turn right off Calle 13 near Sushi Sun and continue straight about 5 blocks or so), or call Juan Antonio @ El Establo 380-8568 (Spanish/Español).

Yee haw….. olé!



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