Honoring Puerto Peñasco’s Men of the Sea

On June 1st, traditional “Día de la Marina” in Mexico, Puerto Peñasco revived traditions by paying homage to 21 local “men of the sea.”  Honors were presented posthumously for 9 of the men, and 12 to individuals who continue to be part of this vibrant city anchored in fishing and tourism.

Historian Joaquín Hernandez thanked local authorities for making this year’s festivities possible once again, as the day encompasses honoring those who have and continue to contribute to Puerto Peñasco, after giving their lives to the sea.

Puerto Peñaso mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro stressed the importance of reviving these traditions in the city, which since its inception in 1927 has been formed by those who managed to conquer the sea and desert.

1-junio-2021-dia-del-marino-penasco-14-e1622749106151-673x1200 Honoring Puerto Peñasco’s Men of the Sea

Mayor Munro underscored the importance of remembering the city’s origins, as only this way can we aspire to a better present and future.  He noted though the fishing industry is currently confronting one of the most critical times in history, it is an activity that undoubtedly will continue to be part of this city’s past, present, and future.

Among those honored during this year’s local festivities honoring those of the sea, were: Eugenio Amaya Rubio, Fausto Verdugo Sariñana, Juan Sócrates Hernández, Benjamín Espinoza Herrera, Antonio Rodríguez González, José Enrique Obeso Castro, Silverio Hernández Ramírez, Francisco Oros García, Normando Antonio Arvizu Rocha, Arturo Ocegueda Ceja, Norberto García, Miguel Díaz García, Ramón López Sáenz, Mario Moreno Caballero, David Lara Soto, Manuel Torres Cruz, Alfredo Escobedo Montaño, Joel Borbón Terrones, José Millán González, Francisco Gortárez Irineo, and Rubén Arroyo Yáñez.



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