Homeport work remains at a halt

The hauling of material for work on the breakwater at the highly anticipated homeport in Puerto Peñasco has been suspended for about three months. Among extenuating factors is the lack of core stones, which are the largest rocks to buffer the dock.

Wendy Winzer, representative of the construction company in charge of the breakwater, indicates currently the only work being done is that of accommodating rocks acquired from the area of Cerro Prieto though this material is no longer being transported to the dock area.

She explains the lack of “coraza” (core) rock, which is what goes on top and pads the medium and smaller rocks that go to the bottom, has affected follow-up with work and led to delays.

Currently special labs are analyzing the rock in order to determine whether or not to continue using the area of Cerro Prieto, while they continue to seek out other rock banks, explains Winzer while also noting they are looking at possibilities of making concrete-based “rock” which would require new environmental impact studies.

“We are waiting for resolutions from the State government to see what’s next; time keeps going by and while we’re not completely stopped, we’re not progressing,” she emphasizes.

Winzer expressed that to date only half of the 2013 budgeted expenses have been used for the work’s progress, and they have yet to use federal resources this year. She is confident the work will continue in coming months, though it will be difficult to meet the goal of having the final project by 2015 when taking into account the other phases of the homeport.



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