High Summer Expectations for Rocky Point

june-10-Kathy-Fredrickson-Willits-1 High Summer Expectations for Rocky Point
Photo: June 11.2021 – Kathy Fredrickson Willits

With tourism numbers already above expectations, Puerto Peñasco’s recovery continues to progress, remarked Sonora Tourism Promotion Director Luis Núñez Noriega. The COFETUR (Comisión Federal al Turismo del Estado) chief noted tourism goals remain high for the summer season.

Núñez Noriega remarked an orderly and phased process of Covid-19 vaccines both in the U.S., and ever more so in Mexico, is creating conditions for an increase in visitors. Though we can’t quite compare to pre-pandemic data from 2019, statistics are definitely well above 2020 when sectors were caught in the midst of the health crisis, which severely impacted all areas of tourism in particular.

While a limit on non-essential travel across land entries to the U.S. remains in effect, currently at least through June 21st, Mexico is taking steps to register the population 18+ in municipalities along the border for Covid-19 vaccinations to help expedite the process of easing land entry restrictions between the U.S. and Mexico.



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