High fuel costs hamper 2017-2018 Shrimp season

By José Antonio Pérez

With high diesel costs leading to the docking of about half of Puerto Peñasco’s shrimp fleet, the 2017-2018 shrimp season has nearly come to an end for local producers with a yield of just over 1 thousand tons, reported Mateo López León, President of the National Fishing Industry Chamber (Canainpesca). López León added most of the ships still active have stopped fishing for shrimp and instead are now going after hake.

With 60 boats moored at the docks, approximately 50 at sea have changed from shrimp to other species and possibly 30 boats are still going after what is called “pink gold”.  López León detailed with a yield of just over one thousand tons of shrimp, overall production has dropped by at least 30% over last season, noting it is practically impossible for numbers to rebound to at least the average of other years in what is left of the shrimp season (which generally ends in March).

The Canainpes representative emphasized the fishing industry is based on fuel costs, therefore if this is not addressed for real conditions, it leaves fishermen and producers defenseless.



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