Health sector Covid Considerations in Puerto Peñasco

Covid occupancy increases at General Hospital

Following Christmas and New Year’s festivities, bed occupancy for Covid patients at Puerto Peñasco’s General Hospital increased from 10% at the beginning of December to 40%, detailed hospital director Pablo Martínez Valeriano.

Of the 17 beds at the local General Hospital, 10 of these are designated to Covid and half of these are occupied.  Dr. Martinez highlighted the need to strengthen health protocols to prevent a saturation of hospitalizations, as occurred in August of 2020.

The hospital director noted a high rate of Covid positivity in the community, between 50 to 60%, urging for reduced mobility on Puerto Peñasco’s streets while strengthening preventive measures including social distancing, washing of hands, and use of masks.

As of January 8th, the Sonora Secretary of Health indicated there have been 382 officially reported cases of Sars-Cov2 in Puerto Peñasco since March 16, 2020, and 59 deaths.  Sonora itself reports 52,793 official cases within the same time frame, and 4195 deaths. jan-8-covid-sonora Health sector Covid Considerations in Puerto Peñasco

jan-8-covid-deaths-sonora Health sector Covid Considerations in Puerto Peñasco

COVID vaccine coming to Sonora

The Sonora State Congress recently approved a request for state authorities to provide details on protocols and measures for the vaccination process against Covid-19 in the state.  The vaccine itself is expected to arrive in Sonora on January 12th, to be administered first to healthcare personnel.

The Sonora Congress approved the measure, which authorizes a call for officials to provide information within a period of less than two weeks as to protocols regarding correct application, care and use of resources for Covid-19 vaccinations in the state.



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