Harbor Master promotes boat protocols

With Sonora still listed as orange, or rather at “high alert”, on the national epidemiological risk map, the Puerto Peñasco Harbor Master urges local tourism boats to follow protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

An official letter recently sent to tour operators details current tourist boat capacity limits are 70% for sports fishing and 50% on tour boats. This percentage includes crew members in both cases.

The message stresses collaboration from local tourist boats in complying with protocols adopted during this time of Covid-19, noting “We are at orange – meaning high epidemiological risk still!”

The message to tourist boat providers emphasizes these steps are precautionary measures, urging all to prevent risks while avoiding fines by following outlined protocols.

In addition, as of August 10th and every Monday until further notice, the Harbor Master invites all boats in the port to sound their horns with three long blasts at noon in recognition of the doctors and nurses on the front line battling Covid-19, as well as to honor the memory of naval personnel across the globe who have lost their lives in the same fight.



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