50 °F Puerto Penasco, MX
December 14, 2019

Growth seen in Spring Break numbers

By José Antonio Perez

Puerto Peñasco was full over the first weekend of Spring Break, affirmed Mayor Kiko Munro, expressing growth in tourism has met expectations.  He added while the vacation period is complicated in administrative and operative terms given the high volume of visitors, and specifically young people, there were no serious incidents other than “traditional” mishaps.

In what is a change from previous years, Spring Break crowds this year have concentrated mostly in the Old Port area, much as during Semana Santa.

Public Safety reported over the first weekend of Spring Break, while there were traffic incidents – particularly those involving 4-wheelers and Rhinos  – no fatalities were reported, though four people were taken to the US due to the seriousness of their injuries.   He furthered no incidents of stingrays or jelly-fish stings were reported, nor serious concerns in the water or along the beach.

Similarly, local Red Cross Board President Julio César Valenzuela detailed they provided around 240 forms of service over the first weekend of Spring Break, though none of these serious.



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