Growing culture of respect for sea turtles in Puerto Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

Discovery of a fourth sea turtle nest on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco illustrates growing awareness in creating a culture of respect for the endangered species, remarked Luis César García González, municipal coordinator of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT).

The fourth nest of the 2019 turtle season was discovered by visitors and residents in the area of Sonoran Sky, who then notified authorities and protected the nest until officials were able to remove 99 eggs and place them in artificial incubation.

The 2019 turtle nesting season in Puerto Peñasco has seen the arrival of seven sea turtles, though with only four successful nests. There are currently 374 turtle eggs in artificial incubation.

Over the last three years, detailed García González, protecting sea turtle nests has been extremely satisfying as nearly 1800 eggs have been rescued and put into incubation, resulting in 830 baby sea turtles released back into the Sea of Cortez.

Remember to contact 911 if you were to come across a sea turtle on the beach, or any other wildlife that may require further attention.

ZOFEMAT continues to work in coordination with Profepa (Environmental Protection), the Vidanta Group (Mayan Palace), CEDO, the local Clean Beach Committee, and with tourist developments to detect nests and follow protection protocols so these animals can continue with their reproductive cycle.



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