Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day nearing, I’ve listened to some terrified and woeful souls who don’t know what they’re going to gift.

san-valentin-1-630x945 Gift ideas for Valentine's DayMen regularly go for the safe bet, guided by a few movies or department store aisles: flowers (indisputable and omnipresent), chocolate, wine, dinner out, stuffed animals, and balloons.  Some of the braver ones fulfill their fantasies by giving lingerie or escaping off to a hotel. Everything’s red, black, pink, along with the requisite shape of a heart and soppy Hallmark phrases.

However, women more often than not are those who suffer over these ideas. Their heads dance with rings, bracelets, necklaces, fireworks, mariachi trios, or perhaps a sole guitarist or violinist, limousines, airy dresses, romantic adventures, or, if it were possible, perhaps a meteor shower.

I’m not going to tell you to stop watching romantic comedies, or those that should come with a box of Kleenex and a warning label attached (though that’s a good recommendation), but rather to relax and seek other options….

… so, in addition to tempting Facebook offers at stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. here are a few ideas:

A book

It doesn’t matter if the one you love is not a bookworm, there are books for all likes. (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a how-to or self-help book though, as this isn’t really the occasion). The fun part is after unwrapping it, you can go off somewhere together to read.

Have a picnic

This is an easy one here in Puerto Peñasco – we go to the beach. Another idea is to get the bikes out, now that they’re very much in style, and bike out to your favorite spot.

Chef-Neftali-Taste-at-Bakal_7-630x945 Gift ideas for Valentine's DayShow off your culinary skills

Even better than a restaurant, prepare something delicious to devour together. Decorate with candles or dimly lit lamps, put on some music, toast each other and enjoy while you collaborate in the kitchen. Once the food is ready, rather than sitting down at the table, dine in the living room – out on the patio – on the balcony – in bed – or in front of the TV with a good flick.

Break out the camera

You could set up a professional photo session, which does provide the guarantee of great shots with both of you, or take out your own cameras and have fun seeking out locations and experimenting with shots.

Enjoy the seabird-island-29 Gift ideas for Valentine's Day

The sea is purely romantic and you can bet there will be plenty of romantic sunset trips coming up!  If you can’t get on a boat for some reason, then you’ve got the whole weekend to pull out the kayaks (or borrow a couple), row to an estuary, or pull out the raft and float along with the ebb and flow of the sea.

Music is always well received

Of course you could wrap up an itunes card and let your loved one download their own songs, but… really? Better to find out what groups, bands, trios, or musicians are around – or if you have a friend who can play, ask if they’ll strum a few…and surprise your Valentine with a serenade!

Hide and Seek

A friend once had the idea of doing a grand scale “hide and seek” adventure. He spent a whole day creating clues and putting them in different spots, eventually making his Valentine go through two parties, a café, and two bars before reaching his place, which he had lit with candles.

See?  Surely you’ve already come up with some other ideas, or maybe you think it’s too much work. Yet, what is love without some effort?  The good thing is this year you’ve got the whole weekend to celebrate!



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