George Papanicolaou Group to expand services

By José Antonio Pérez

Because prevention is the best weapon against cancer, the local George Papanicolaou Association is expanding its services to offer lung cancer detection George Papanicolaou Group to expand services

Carmen Morales Valles, President of the Agrupación George Papanicolaou in Puerto Peñasco, explained this will complement work the association already does in the effort to detect and combat breast, cervical, and prostate cancer.  The decision to begin attacking lung cancer, she added, is due to the large number of people who smoke, which is a factor that increases the risk of lung cancer.

Morales encouraged everyone to learn more about the work of the George Papanicolaou Association, noting their doors are open to everyone. She invited people to become part of the association, noting the fight against cancer is for men and women with a desire to serve in helping to prevent cancer from taking more lives.

The George Papanicolaou Center is located in Col Las Brisas behind the General Hospital, and across for the Dialysis Center.  They will resume general activities as of Aug. 13th

Carmen Alicia Morales Valle was sworn in as President of the local George Papanicolaou Group in January of this year, stating her commitment to sustain the group’s presence as a leader in the prevention and timely detection of cancer within the community of Puerto Peñasco.  Previously, Laura Lorenia Palacio Soto had served as the Association’s President for a decade (2008-2017).

george-pap-puerto-peñasco-feb-2018 George Papanicolaou Group to expand services



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