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City gas supply begins to normalize

By José Antonio Perez

Jan. 13, 2017.  At least half of Puerto Peñasco’s 16 gas stations once again have gasoline (Magna), which means bit by bit things are getting back to normal, detailed local Service Station Representative Lilián Castillo Félix.  While in most cases Magna (green) service is almost back to normal, expectations are for Premium (red) gasoline to return shortly as cisterns become available from the Pemex supply plant in Mexicali.  She noted acquiring gasoline in Mexicali is a tremendous advantage, as it is closer than Rosarito.


Blvd. Fremont expected to be done by end of January

By José Antonio Perez

Jan. 9, 2017.  Puerto Peñasco Director of Public Projects, Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, detailed work to modernize Blvd. Fremont is expected to be completed by the end of January. pavimentacion-blvd-freemont-2017-300x194 Gas, roads, and 2017 priorities. RockyPoint360 NewsWrapHe noted the base preparation is set for new pavement to be poured along the stretch that has been under construction for the past few months. Once work is complete, all four lanes of Blvd. Fremont will have been renovated from Blvd. Juarez to where it meets up with Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez.  The initial project timeframe was extended by over a month, detailed Gutiérrez Valenzuela, following the decision to install water and sewage lines to ensure all services are ready.



Mayor celebrates Police Officers Day

City Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Jan. 6, 2016.  Mayor Kiko Munro led celebrations on Police Officers Day, presenting 23 acknowledgements to local police agents for their years of service and invaluable support in safeguarding the community. Along with State Investigative Police Commander Arturo Enrique Ceceña Zepeda, as well as Gildardo Cervantes Zúñiga of the Investigation and Litigation Unit, and Police Chief Francisco Ávila Toscano, the mayor congratulated all the men and women in uniform that make up the police department.   He added in coming days, economic bonuses would be given to police officers with 10, 15, and 20 years of experience with the department.


Mayor oversees infrastructure work representing investment of 120 million pesos

City Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Jan. 6, 2017.  Mayor Kiko Munro affirms Puerto Peñasco continues its transformation with investments of approximately 120 million pesos being put into 38 different infrastructure projects.  Accompanied by Coordinator of Public Projects, Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, the mayor visited various projects across town, detailing, “Some type of infrastructure, whether for education, road paving, restoring recreational and public spaces, public plazas, roofing, broadening electric and water lines, among others, are taking place in all parts of the city.”


Taxis dismiss raise in rates

By José Antonio Perez

Jan. 5, 2017.  The regional delegate of the State Transportation Office, Alfredo Vásquez González, reports no taxi concession holders have yet announced rate hikes despite an increase in gas prices. If and until that were to occur, he detailed taxi rates in Puerto Peñasco are generally 25 pesos per person for trips within the urban center, and up to 30 or 40 pesos per person beyond that.  To an extent, he acknowledged, while a hike in taxi rates would be justified, it is equally important for taxi providers to use their best criteria.


Improving and consolidating public services among Mayor’s priorities for 2017

By José Antonio Perez

Jan. 4, 2017. Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro reports priorities for 2017 include consolidating and improving public services, as well as sustaining and assuring the city’s potable water supply.  These objectives will be addressed, he furthered, without neglecting current and future infrastructure projects, as well as providing support for the community in just causes such as the fight against an increase in gas prices.  He detailed community needs include: sufficient and efficient public lighting, running water in every home, maintenance and repair of city streets, and overall city clean-up.  He deemed plans and projects for 2017 to be sufficient to confront current obstacles while providing necessary infrastructure to responsibly take on expected challenges that arise from economic growth.


Mayor supports social struggle against hike in gas prices

City Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Jan. 3, 2017.  Mayor Kiko Munro has reiterated his full support for the “No al Gasolinazo” social movement, which seeks to reverse hikes in gas prices following fiscal reforms imposed by the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) in Congress. He expressed “What we must do as a people, as individuals affected by this cause, is to call on federal legislators. They have the manner to seek reversal and modification to the Special Tax Law on Production and Services (IEPS).”  The mayor encouraged demonstrators to continue with peaceful protests, while not affecting third parties or businesses, noting the federal government is responsible for resolving and providing a favorable response to the unjust increase in gas prices across the country.



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