Fishermen to respect restrictions in Upper Gulf of California

By José Antonio Pérez

Oct. 11, 2017.  Commercial and sport fishing, along with any other seafaring activity will be restricted in a polygon in the Upper Gulf of California from Oct. 11 – Dec. 17th, in ongoing efforts to protect the endangered vaquita marina.  Mateo López León, Puerto Peñasco Secretary of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry (CANAINPES), stated though this will restrict deep sea fishing by cutting off 50,000 hectares at sea for the shrimp season, local fishermen will respect the measure while seeking to upheld sustainable fishing methods.

He added, the new restriction will undoubtedly impact shrimp yields with an expected drop in production from the Upper Gulf of California, which historically yields between 400 to 500 tons of the “pink gold.” Still, the 92 boats authorized to fish in the Upper Gulf will continue to do so in phases, to prevent all vessels from entering the area at the same time.

The restricted area is located between the following points:  Point 1: Latitude 31º 25′ N and Longitude 114º 52′ W; Point 2: Latitude 31º 25′ N and Longitude 114º 24′ W; Point 3: Latitude 31º 09′ N and Longitude 114º 24′ W; Point 4: Latitude 30º 54′ N and Longitude 114º 30′ W; Point 5: Latitude 30º 54′ N and Longitude 114º 42′ W.



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