Fine Arts Program welcomes 2nd class of eager students

Nearly 50 children and youth ranging from 8 to 16 have signed up to be part of the 2nd class of students taking part in the Fine Arts Initiation Program associated with INBA (National Fine Arts Institute).

The new class, which opened up participation to students 8 to 16 (though the category is generally from 10 to 13), began their first semester of classes on Monday, Feb. 17th. The first semester classes introduce students to theater, dance, painting, and music for four hours each week. Later, students are able to decide which discipline they wish to pursue for another five semesters more.

As part of follow-up to the Fine Arts Initiation Program, the national coordinator recently visited Puerto Peñasco to meet with parents and students now in their third semester, as well as teaching and administrative staff in order to evaluate and strengthen the program.

Parents had the chance to evaluate teachers from different disciplines, as well as the facilities, while recognizing the progress they’ve seen in their children since the Arts Initiation Program began.

inba-2-630x473 Fine Arts Program welcomes 2nd class of eager studentsNational INBA Coordinator of the Arts Initiation Schools, José Luis Hernández, indicated the schools arose from a need to strengthen services provided by local cultural groups and cultural centers providing activities for children and youth.

He stressed the Arts Initiation Schools are a systemized program as opposed to open workshops. In addition to providing the foundation for the arts so that children and teens can specialize in one discipline, the goal is also to help them form their own criteria to appreciate art in general and above all value art created in Puerto Peñasco, and across the state, in getting to know their environment.

The courses also aim to strengthen the children’s and teen’s self-confidence and finding ways to express themselves.

Classes for the Fine Arts Artistic School (EIAA) are held at the kiosk in Shrimp Park, as well as in the audiovisual hall of the Library.

The EIAA program in Puerto Peñasco currently includes 10 instructors, an academic coordinator and administrative director, as well as School Director Jesús Romero Chagoyan.



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