Fine Arts Initiation program graduates First Class

inba-2 Fine Arts Initiation program graduates First ClassThe Fine Arts Initiation program in Puerto Peñasco, under the auspices of the National Fine Arts Institute (INBA), graduated its first class of aspiring artists, actors, musicians, and dancers on February 3rd.

After overcoming innumerable challenges, from a lack of adequate facilities at the onset, to turnover of teachers and students who left the program, dozens of aspiring youth successfully completed six semesters of artistic discipline in developing their talent and skills – becoming the first graduating EIAA class from Puerto Peñasco!

Students from the first graduating class, named in honor of “José Luis Hernández”, National Director of the Fine Arts Initiative, demonstrated their development by showcasing their natural talent and instruction from their teachers.  These included individual dance performances of “Si te Sales del Zapato”, choreographed by instructor Mariana Zatarain, demonstrating young dancers’ techniques and clean movements. Similarly, art students showed a presentation of an exercise in animation done during their studies with teacher Fernando Colores.

Music students, led by Mario Mariscales, performed various ensembles and solos including a rendition of Pink Floyd’s “I wish you were here,” along with popular songs in reviving cultural music from the region.

Theater students, directed by Azucena Mazón (yes, that’s me!), demonstrated skills developed over the past three years by performing an adaptation of the book “Las Voces Vienen del Mar” of author Guillermo Munro.  During the performance, characters from the book resurfaced in telling stories of Puerto Peñasco’s beginnings.

The event ended with instructor Randy Vega, together with his theater students, performing musical fragments from “Les Miserables”, highlighting the students’ musical and acting skills.

José Luis Hernández, Director of Fine Arts Initiation Schools associated with INBA, together with Arts Director Josefina Vargas Castros later met with students and parents in helping to evaluate teachers and administrative staff for the INBA arts school, of which there are only a few in the country.

Enrollment in the four areas of the Fine Arts Initiation program is currently open for students 9 – 13 years old.  Classes start Feb. 20th.  For more information, please visit the offices at the Casa de la Cultura (across from City Hall), Tel: 388 6375 or

inba Fine Arts Initiation program graduates First Class



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