Filming of La Ruta de los Caídos to begin in Puerto Peñasco in March 2017

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. November 3, 2016.  With the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar serving as principal locations, filming on the movie “La Ruta de los Caídos” is set to begin in Puerto Peñasco in March of next year.

Mayor Kiko Munro met with film director Alejandro Springall to reiterate his administration’s commitment to promoting the project, which is to include the participation of figures such as Joaquín Cosío, Giovanna Zacarías, and Juan Manuel Bernal, among others.

The filmmaker expressed they are currently in the stage of development, visiting site locations to analyze logistics so that about 80% of the filming can take place at the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar.  He detailed filming will take place during March and April of next year, followed by about seven months of post-production so that by the end of 2017 the film can launch its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, reaching theaters in Mexico, the U.S., and across Latin America by April of 2018.

The film, he stated, will be done with resources from federal funds, private investment from both the Mexico and U.S., as well as from the Tequila Gang production company of Bertha Navarro and Guillermo del Toro. This is in addition to support from both the Sonora state and Puerto Peñasco municipal administrations.

“The story is based on an original script by a man who knows this area and has tremendous love for it, that is Guillermo Munro,” detailed the filmmaker, “it is a story which I fell completely in love with as a director.”

He added it is about an era that little is known about in Mexico, and particularly in its relationship with the United States during the Great Depression and historic closing of the border.

“It is a great Mexican film, as it doesn’t cease to be an epic story; 13 people traversing the area in a 1928 Ford, while we are also going to treat it as a modern Western,” noted Springall.

Mayor Kiko Munro emphasized, “This project has all our support, particularly with respect to logistics, as it is a tremendous opportunity to showcase not just our history, but rather our unique landscapes on a global sphere.”

Author Guillermo Munro Palacio expressed it is a great satisfaction, as well as a dream come true, to have one of his novels become a film.



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