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May 19, 2019

February snow dusting of Pinacate

foto-pinacate February snow dusting of Pinacate
Photo with permission of: Marbella Escobedo

By Azucena Mazón

The Pinacate mountain range provided a delightful snowy surprise on February 22nd, following a significant drop in temperatures.

Photographs and commentary about the phenomena immediately hit social networks across Puerto Peñasco, shared by those who had the opportunity to capture the highest peaks covered in snow.

According to information from staff at the Pincate and Grand Desert of Altar Biosphere Reserve, temperatures at the Biology Station just off the Peñasco-Sonoyta highway fell to 0.6°C (32°F), though with lower temperatures in the higher peaks.

While snow is generally unheard of in this region, the highest peaks of the Pinacate range have seen snow flurries (though also rare), the last time was December 20, 2015.

Following the dip in temperature last week, accompanied by wind and rain, average temps are expected to rebound in Puerto Peñasco, with highs crawling to high-70s°F as March rolls in.



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