Eyeing a later curfew in Rocky Point?

As Puerto Peñasco turns yellow, some eye possible extension of nightly “curfew”

Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro underscored the importance of strengthening covid-19 health and safety protocols as the city’s high tourism season nears.  If these goals continue to be met, the City may pursue the possibility of extending the citywide nightly curfew from 11 pm to midnight.

This comes after the Sonora covid risk map listed Puerto Peñasco at “yellow” status (minimum risk) this past week. Similarly, Sonora itself is now listed at Yellow on the nationwide risk alert for the period Feb. 15th – 28th.

feb-14-risk-level-sonora Eyeing a later curfew in Rocky Point?

Enrique Clausen, Sonora Secretary of Health, detailed the number of cases, positivity, and hospitalizations due to Covid-19 has gone down in Sonora in recent weeks, moving the state to a “Medium risk” category on the national alert map.  Clausen furthered that Puerto Peñasco also dropped to yellow, with Colonia Oriente presently noted as ground zero for coronavirus spread in the community.

feb-15-mexico-semaforo Eyeing a later curfew in Rocky Point?
National Covid Risk alert map Feb 15 – 28, 2021

Locally, mayor Munro stressed the importance of awareness and collaboration on behalf of businesses, tourism providers, and the community in general to ensure the city does not take steps backward after coming this far. He called on City departments to step up efforts to ensure compliance with the letters of commitment signed with businesses last Spring when the city first began to reopen following its initial shutdown due to Covid concerns.

Beach Use and Capacities

Limited hours remain in effect for area beaches (6 am – 7 pm), the Malecón Fundadores (Old Port), and tourist areas, as the goal is to continue to combat the spread of Covid.

In a radio interview this week, Municipal Economic Development Director Aide Yaracet Verduzco specified ongoing capacity limits for area businesses:

  • Restaurants 50%
  • Fishing boats 60%
  • Cruise boats (sunset / day cruise) 50%
  • Movie theaters 50%
  • Hotels 60%
  • Condominium/Villa rentals 80%
  • Beach home rentals 100%



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