Exploring possible Puerto Peñasco – Tijuana flight

By José Antonio Pérez

The director of the Mar de Cortes airport in Puerto Peñasco, Fernando Antillon Valenzuela, reports that plans to establish a new flight path between Puerto Peñasco and Tijuana are moving along nicely.

There are currently two airlines interested in flights to Puerto Peñasco, yet participation from sectors across the city is once again needed, as in the past with the Aeromexico and TAR flights from 2014 and 2016 respectively.

The airport director highlighted that air connectivity is a great complement to Puerto Peñasco, as it implies attracting more visitors, which translates into greater economic activity, investments, and growth for the city itself.

With the disappearance of the Mexican Council for Tourism Promotion (CPTM), he explained, they are looking to the private sector, such as hotels, restaurants, and the Convention & Visitors Bureau, which have the resources needed to make this a reality.

Antillon Valenzuela used the example of Calafia airlines, offering a flight three times a week, would have a total cost of 25 million pesos. If the airline sells half of this, it would be up to the ‘destination’ to pay for the rest.

Ángel de la Puerta Gerardo, president for the local Chamber of Commerce (Canaco), stated local businesses are mora than willing to participate in gaining air connectivity for Puerto Peñasco, but it is necessary to design a proper plan that implies promoting Puerto Peñasco as one of the main tourist destinations in Sonora.

De la Puerta indicated they are exploring all strategies that imply ongoing development for the area, including commercial flights as well as the possibility for a Puerto Peñasco – San Felipe ferry.



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