Reading together with Guillermo Munro Palacio

Collaborator: Nina Mier In response to a campaign to promote reading, launched by Channel 22 of the National Board for Culture and the Arts, the City of Puerto Peñasco, along with the Cine Club Primera Toma, A.C. and Bistro Café & Bar recently put on the event “Reading together” with author Guillermo Munro. The gathering […]

“Chago’s” Barbuda Art & Gallery

I didn’t know him. I saw one of his illustrations on my Facebook wall; someone had shared his work along with congratulations for his participation in the art collective “Todos Somos Coyote” in Tijuana (We are all Coyote), promoting voting through artistic urban intervention along 6th street in the center of the city. I liked […]

A trip to Pinacate…in the summer?

The idea of a trip out into the desert in the middle of the summer may sound daring or even incomprehensible (in refraining from using harsher vocabulary); such a trip would only occur to Bear Grylls as part of his survival program. However, in order to promote tourism while showing how beautiful, attentive, kind, and […]

CitiCinemas now open in Rocky Point!

More and more good news continues to unfold here in Puerto Peñasco and now CitiCinemas has opened its doors to the public. “At precisely 8:50 p.m., I inaugurate the theaters of CitiCinemas in Puerto Peñasco,” stated Puerto Peñasco Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro enthusiastically on the evening of June 28th. Among applauses, smiles, and a flurry […]

4th Annual Cambre Dance Festival

                                      Saturday, June 30th & Sunday, July 1st  5 p.m.  Municipal Auditorium (across from City Hall) Presale tickets @ Cambre dance studio  $100 pesos   Cell:  638 103-0456  and 638 105-3173 Tickets at door $130 pesos “I don’t dance […]

Emergency Responders Day 6/24

June 24th is Emergency Responders Day throughout Mexico. This morning, members from the local Red Cross gathered outside the institution’s facilities on Blvd. Fremont to recognize all of its emergency responders and congratulate them for their service. The emergency responders were then going to be treated to breakfast at Don Julio’s and would be graced […]

Puerto Peñasco welcomes Actors & Crew from Chavez

On April 30th, Director/Actor Diego Luna and CANANA productions began the filming of Chavez: The Fight in the Fields in Sonora, and in mid-June various actors and crew from the film took in a couple days of relaxation here in Puerto Peñasco, reportedly at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort. The film, which presents the life and work […]

Happy Father’s Day! Feliz Día del Padre!

Today, on the third Sunday of June, Father’s Day is celebrated both here in Mexico as well as in the US, just as in other countries across the globe. It is a day to celebrate loving and responsible fatherhood. The idea to celebrate Father’s Day arose in 1909 by Mrs. Smart Dodd from Washington in […]

Circus Mexicus XXI ~ An initiation

My first Circus Mexicus with Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, which for the RCPM faithful was their 21st, began on Friday evening with my ’72 VW Thing bouncing along the washboard creviced sandy road to Cholla Bay.  I was guided into a small parking spot relatively near the entrance to the infamous JJ’s Cantina, picked up my wristbands for the […]

19th Anniversary of the Pinacate Reserve & Altar Desert ~ 12th Cycling Race

Fecha / Date: Domingo 10 de Junio    / Sunday, June 10th Bases / Courses: Ruta y Montaña       / Route & Mountain Biking Salida / Departure: Palacio Municipal de Puerto de Peñasco a las 7:30 a.m.      / Puerto Peñasco City Hall @ 7:30 a.m. Meta / Goal: Estación Biológica Km 52 Carretera No. 8    / Biology Station of the Pinacate Reserve  KM 52  […]

Film in Rocky Point! Primera Toma Film Club + Nina Mier

In honor of the Film Premiere’s new date (Sunday, June 10 @ 7 p.m.) we are rerunning this interview with Nina Mier of the Primera Toma Cine Club.  Sunday’s show is sold out and an additional showing of the student film shorts is set for Tuesday, June 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Municipal Civic […]

7 de junio Freedom of Expression Day in Mexico

Not being one to turn down an offer for a celebratory breakfast, I was pleased to be able to recently sit alongside many figures from local press agencies – from print, online, and radio – to honor Freedom of Expression in Mexico. Mayor Alejandro Zepeda, accompanied by City Secretary Fausto Soto and other local city […]

De rápido con Jimmy Maldonado

Se corrió la noticia de que un rocaportense había ganado un concurso de cortometraje en Cd. Obregón, y no fue sino hasta un día que me lo presentaron en una cafetería que recordé el hecho. Jimmy Maldonado. Estaba hablando con Nina sobre la muestra de cortometrajes cuando entró Jimmy como ráfaga y se había ido como tal. Fue Nina quien me ayudó a hacer la conexión entre el ganador del concurso, Jimmy Maldonado, y la persona que justo había estado ahí, preguntando sobre cómo sería la exhibición de su corto; el corto ganador. Me puse en […]

ITSPP lanza convocatoria para 2012-13

El 23 de mayo (curiosamente el día que se celebra el día del estudiante en México) El Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Puerto Peñasco (ITSPP) convocó a una rueda de prensa en el restaurante Don Julio, para informar a los medios sobre la convocatoria para el proceso de selección de aspirantes. El Lic. Rafael Lara Mungarro, […]

International Day of Biodiversity 5/22

Throughout May we celebrate Mothers, teachers, and students, as well as biodiversity! In 1994 the United Nations proclaimed May 22nd as International Day of Biodiversity, thanks to concerns for our planet and to raise awareness and knowledge of its importance. Mexico itself signed a BioDiversity Agreement in 1992, ratified in 1993, thereby taking on an […]