Environmental audit favorable for Clean Beach recertification

By José Antonio Pérez

Results from an environmental audit at the end of November confirm Puerto Peñasco will continue to be the only municipality in Sonora that offers a level 2 certified Clean Beach.  Puerto Peñasco first achieved Clean Beach certification in March 2017, for a 1.5-kilometer stretch extending from Playa Bonita toward Las Palomas on Sandy Beach.  It is worth emphasizing this is the longest stretch of certified clean beach in the country, and the first and only in Sonora.

Cesar Garcia Gonzalez, head of the Federal Land & Maritime Zone (ZOFEMAT), explained thanks to teamwork between the Clean Beach Committee, local government, and civil societies, the only observations made during the recent audit had to do with paperwork, which was expected to be resolved within 30 days.

Garcia added they are also considering extending the already certified coast, as well as work toward the distinctive Blue Flag certification.  The Blue Flag is certification given by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), and is an indication of high environmental and quality standards.



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