End of Shrimp Season. Peñasco plans for 90th. RockyPoint360 NewsWrap

2016-17 Shrimp Season ends March 20th

By José Antonio Perez

March 17, 2017.  As of the first minute on March 20th, off-season goes into effect for shrimp in all Mexican waters of the Pacific, including the Gulf of California, with the goal of protecting maximum reproduction times and shrimp development while maintaining levels of production.  It’s important to note establishing an off-season for shrimp is one of the principal measures contributing to the species’ reproduction, which results in greater sizes with more commercial value to benefit fishermen in the coming season.  The shrimp season generally opens mid-September and runs through mid-March.


Cultural Festival planned to celebrate Puerto Peñasco’s 90th Anniversary

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. March 15, 2017.  The city is planning to celebrate 90 years since Puerto Peñasco’s founding by launching the First International Puerto Peñasco Festival 2017, bringing together the rich Tohono O’odham culture with productive activities that spurred the city from the beginning. Planning includes creation of a program to include 40 academic, artistic, cultural, and historic activities across three stages set up in different parts of the malecón, which will be complemented with other spontaneous expressions of art throughout the festival. Mier Nogales expressed hopes are these activities will help provide a foundation for the city’s First Centennial celebration in 2027.

Importance of Hake to region

By José Antonio Perez

March 15, 2017.  Hake as an important fishing resource for Puerto Peñasco can be seen in the fact that in just two months so far this season it has created economic revenues of over 33 million pesos, with production of over 3580 tons, detailed local Director of the Federal Fishing Office, Hermenegildo Ramírez López.  Hake fishing has been constant and stable over the past five years, which means it is healthy and that producers and authorities are providing appropriate management for its sustainability. While hake has principally been for the national market, this year international exports have begun to Russia.  Ramírez López believes hake is becoming a strong option for the fishing sector, noting it is currently the second most important resource for the Puerto Peñasco fleet.


Red Tide warning remains in effect

By José Antonio Perez

March 14, 2017.  The health ban on consumption and sale of bivalve mollusks, which has been in effect since January 27th, remains given there have been no reductions of toxins due to what is known as Marea Roja (Red Tide), reports Health Control Unit Director Carlos Decina Torres.  Acknowledging the ban has created concerns for those who work in the industry, recommendations still include avoiding fishing, buying, or consuming oysters, clams, scallops, and other bivalve mollusks.  He added reductions in toxins have been reported in other areas, and hopes are this area will soon prove to demonstrate similar results, and with it a lifting of the ban.


Annual Red Cross Collections Drive aims to raise 460,000 pesos

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. March 14, 2017. In marking the official start to the 2017 Red Cross fundraiser drive, Mayor Kiko Munro presented a 40 thousand peso donation to board members of the local Red Cross Delegation.  The national fundraiser, under the theme “Continue helping to save lives”, will run from March 14th  through May 30th.  Together with local Red Cross board president Julio Valenzuela, the mayor acknowledged the work of emergency responders and Red Cross members, encouraging residents and visitors help in achieving the 2017 goal to raise 460,000 pesos (about $26,000 US).  Valenzuela detailed the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross currently has 6 ambulances, 60 emergency responders and volunteers, and has undergone several renovations and improvements to its facilities.

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