Election time “dry law” not expected to impact tourism numbers

By José Antonio Pérez

Elections in Mexico are this Sunday, July 1st, and along with it, a 48 hour “dry law” (i.e. no alcohol sales) is set to be in effect (June 30th – July 1st). With US 4th of July holidays also around the bend, Hector Vazquez del Mercado, President of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, notes the number of visitors to the area is not expected to decrease due to the “dry law” this weekend.

The OCV President noted since 4th of July falls on a Wednesday this year, both the weekend before and after already show average occupancy levels at area hotels and resorts at 80% – 85%, and there have been no cancellations due to the election period.

Vazquez del Mercado added a petition to reduce the dry law period to 24 hours for tourist destinations across the state has been made to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, specifically to avoid any negative impact on visitors, particularly those coming in from abroad.

While a response from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board is still pending, there remains the possibility of a favorable resolution being handed down (which would still mean no alcohol sales on Sunday, election day). Regardless of the decision, Vazquez del Mercado added, it is essential the electoral period be understood as the most important civic event for citizens across the country, and to ensure an orderly voting process.



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