El Golfo Bi-Annual Run May 20 – 22

Photos by Karen Aldridge

El Golfo Run bi-annual event, May 20-22, 2011. Three day, two night 4×4 trek from Rocky Point to El Golfo de Santa Clara (about 80 miles). This will be 30th planned event for the fun run which everyone is welcomed to join.

Begin at ‘Ranchito’ in rails, dune buggies, trucks, SUVs, jeeps,and ATVs, etc…whatever you have that you can drive through the deep sand on the beaches of the Sea of Cortez, through the salt flats, and over the terrain between Rocky Point and El Golfo de Santa Clara, which is located at the tip of the Sea of Cortez, for a three day experience…a beautiful trip (don’t forget your camera) with fun people. Something you will never forget. A trip which will be in your memory for a lifetime.

For room reservations, or for detailed information on the trip, contact Sandy O’Hare at the offices of the Rocky Point Times by email to rockypointtimes@yahoo.com



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