Ecological recycling spots to be set up on beach

By José Antonio Pérez

In working to further a culture of clean beaches in Puerto Peñasco, the municipal office of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFMAT) intends to set up spots along many of the busiest beaches for collection of waste and recycling.  One of the goals, indicated ZOFEMAT municipal coordinator César García González, is that of encouraging the separation of recyclable materials from trash on beaches.

The plan, he furthered, is to set up at least 40 ecological stations in promoting a culture to better manage waste, among both residents and visitors.  The project will be implemented following a plan to provide equipment aimed at maintaining area beaches.  He added various unions of tourist service providers along Playa Hermosa (between Peñasco del Sol and Playa Bonita) have provided clear examples of organization and willingness to protect beach areas.



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