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Puerto Peñasco’s positive response at Collection Centers

By José Antonio Pérez / Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

With Collection Centers still in the process of gathering items to send to communities impacted by September earthquakes in different parts of Mexico, Puerto Peñasco residents and visitors are once again showing their solidarity by donating goods and funds to help with recovery efforts.   The four day Collection Site at the Superior Technology Institute (ITSPP) following the September 7th 8.2 earthquake that impacted the states of Oaxaca and Chiapas managed to collect hundreds of kilos of assistance in bottled water, canned goods, cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene articles.  These donations were to be taken to Hermosillo on Monday, September 18th, for further transport to the affected areas.  On September 19th, the 7.1 earthquake that shook central Mexico prompted a series of additional Collection Centers across Puerto Peñasco. Many of these donations are being channeled through the local Red Cross and Municipal DIF prior to being sent to states located in central Mexico, as well as Mexico City.


Three CetMat students to represent Puerto Peñasco in Quintana Roo

By José Antonio Pérez

Sept. 21, 2017.  Three students from Puerto Peñasco’s CetMar high school #14 will represent the city at the 5th National Gastronomy Exhibition at the National Sea Science and Technology Congress to be held Oct. 11th in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.  Students Abril Dayana García Montaño, Ramsés Alejandro Orozco Martínez and Pedro Jesús Monjaraz Gauna  were selected to represent the school after a tie vote at the school’s intramural contest.  Congratulations!


Peñasco Red Cross workers heading to help after earthquakes in central Mexico

By José Antonio Pérez

Sept. 20, 2017.  A group of at least six EMTs from the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross are headed to central Mexico to help with rescue efforts following the 7.1 earthquake of Sept. 19th.  Local Red Cross board president Julio Valenzuela detailed similar to the Red Cross members sent to Texas following Hurricane Harvey, upon their return at least six individuals will head south to help in areas following the Mexico earthquakes of both Sept. 7th and 19th.


Puerto Peñsco’s “live” tides

By José Antonio Pérez

Sept. 19, 2017. This past week, the malecón and other parts of Puerto Peñasco saw ocean swells with high tides, though this should not be cause alarm, stated Harbor Master Luis Catro Galán.  He furthered this had been forecast as remnants of tropical storm “Norma” coincided with high tides. While not necessarily considered normal, the remnants of the storm coincided with the new moon, leading to tides reaching up to 6 meters.







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