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Mayor meets with U.S. Consul Virginia Staab

By José Antonio Pérez

On a visit to Puerto Peñasco in early October, U.S. Consul Virginia L. Staab from the U.S. General Consulate in Nogales met with Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro at City Hall. The two discussed topics including safety as well as training and equipment via the Merida Initiative and the possibility of establishing a local U.S. Consul module.  Among the most important topics addressed during the meeting was that of broadening the border crossing between Lukevill, AZ and Sonoyta, Sonora, as well as the investment of federal resources to strengthen this effort which would ease traffic flow while providing the opportunity for commercial freight transport.


CetMar students represent Puerto Peñasco in Quintana Roo

By José Antonio Pérez

Oct. 10, 2017.  Seven high school students from the Puerto Peñasco Center of Technological Studies of the Sea (CetMar No. 14), along with teacher Jorge Bonillas, took part in the XXIV Science and Sea Technology Conference held Oct. 9-13 in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.  Each student, as well as Bonillas, took along projects regarding specific topics:

Gilberto Villa Quiles:  Socioeconomic impact of federal fees on fishing yields

Michelle Carolilna Acevedo García: Alternatives in reuse of glass bottles

Cristina Encinas Rodriguez: Health as condition for dropping out of school at CetMar No. 14

Ilian Alín Solíz Gortárez: Impact of Ecology Patrol on students at CetMar No. 14

Abril Dayana García Montaño, Pedro Jesús Monjarraz Gauna, Ramsés Alejandro Orozco Martínez: Culinary presentation “Sea Chimichanga”

Teacher Jorge Bonillas Celaya:  Establishing a fish refuge for Sonora pupfish (Cynpronodon eremus) and Gila longfin dance (agosia chrysongaster).


25% growth at local Chamber of Commerce

By José Antonio Pérez

In 2017, the Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce, Services, and Tourism (CANACO) has grown by 25% in the number of members, along with more participation in activities ranging from educational courses to fundraising, and the current project meant to promote buying locally (Si en Peñasco compramos, todos ganamos).  CANACO President Elia Neyda Javalera Chávez details chamber membership has gone from 229 to 282 affiliates, and the Chamber is taking important steps to strengthen the organization along with business confidence.  The Puerto Peñasco Chamber of Commerce is located on the east side of Shrimp Park on Ave. Coahuila, and is open daily Mon-Fri. Please stop in for more information on activities, as well as how to become part of CANACO!

canaco-todos-compramos2017 Early October RockyPoint360 NewsWrap


Ghost nets to be cleared from Upper Gulf

By José Antonio Pérez

The National Commission of Aquaculture and Fishing (CONAPESCA) and the Whale and Sea Science Museum located in La Paz, Baja California, have reached an agreement to locate and, as applicable, remove ghost nets that may be lost at sea in the waters of the Upper Gulf of California in an effort to protect fish species. The agreement includes sweeping an area of 11,000 sq. kilometers within the vaquita marina protective polygon in the Upper Gulf of California.  Francisco Javier Gómez Diaz, Executive Director of the Whale Museum in La Paz, detailed the museum has participated in similar activities in the past, managing to remove more than 20,000 lineal meters of fishing nets from the sea.



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