Donations for David – Let’s Rock this!

What happens when the tireless efforts of many come together to keep a little boy’s heart going? That’s what community members and kindred charitable spirits Mark Olszewski and Francisco Bercovich set about to find out around a month ago, inviting friends to help raise funds to cover insurance needs for David, an 18 month old boy in Puerto Peñasco with downs syndrome who is currently facing multiple health issues.  David’s parents, who run an abarrotes (convenience/dry goods) store in town, had already sold just about everything from their market to help pay for David’s prescriptions before Olszewski and Bercovich were able to sit down with Dr. George Stavros and his wife Susie Stavros of the Rocky Point Medical Clinics who stated they could help obtain the medications to keep David’s heart pumping.

Ever so grateful, Mark explains, “With that help from Dr. Stavros we can concentrate on other needs such as funds to pay for the traveling expenses to get David and his loving family to Guadalajara where the surgery will take place.”  Olzsewski also hopes funds raised will help with restocking the family’s market, which was self-sustaining before David’s medical expenses took over.

Rocking Hearts for David!

donation-mark-630x354 Donations for David - Let's Rock this!Knowing the “pay it forward” spirit of the community and amigos from far and wide, Olszewski has put together a rockin’ raffle to help with fundraising efforts for David and his family.  The “Rocking Hearts for David” package includes 2 VIP Tickets to Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers Circus Mexicus (June 11-14, 2015) [courtesy of Scott Scriver], and a condo stay for that weekend at one of the Sonoran Resorts [courtesy of Jim Ringquist, sales director at the Sonoran Resorts]

Raffle tickets are $10 USD each or 3 for $25 USD    100% of the funds raised from the raffle will go to David and his family for expenses related to the heart surgery, as well as to help them rebuild their lives and business once they are able to bring David home.

To donate to Rocking Hearts for David – and to enter the raffle – contact Mark @ From US: 602-324-9529 In Mexico: 638-383-4963 or Email: RockyPoint@myway. com   

In the spirit of how Mark closes out his frequent updates on David’s journey, “Thank you and Let’s Rock for David!”



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