DL Marble: Making music that’s Hard to Quit

A look at the music I’ve accumulated over the past few years reads like an Event Calendar of who’s playing in Rocky Point: Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Alfonso Maya, Black Carl, Shurman, The Black Moods, Matt Farris, Carvin Jones, etc. etc. One of the most recent additions is the country Americana notes of D.L. Marble of AZ, and his album “Hard to Quit”, after D.L. with AD Adams on drums, Matt Rupnow on electric guitar, and Paul Williams on bass made their presence known in January from Beach Bum to Boo Bar.

Just as D.L. and crew readied for a three day spree of Spring Break gigs across Rocky Point, we were able to briefly catch up on Facebook as they drove back across the desert to AZ from Ruidoso, NM. So before the band takes the stage again in the Old Port, here’s a chance to get to know a little more about D.L.

RockyPoint360: When did you come down to RP for the first time?

D.L.: I came to Rocky Point for the first time when I was in high school with my buddies and it was just the party in Rocky Point! We’ve been going back pretty much ever since it’s always been a fun place, like a safe harbor for us from the storm of city life

RP360: The song Sombrero Lullaby is particularly about RP, what can you share with us?

D.L.: Sombrero Lullaby was written by my best friend Matt and I; he was a marine overseas and then all the stuff hit the fan for him and his life and in my personal life. It’s about running away to Mexico and sitting at JJ’s; we just wanted to get away from it all.

dl-tekila DL Marble: Making music that's Hard to QuitRP360: You’re lined up for 3 gigs now for Spring Break – do you think you may get some more and stay longer? [D.L. will be at Tekila Bar (March 3), BooBar (March 4), and Beach Bum (March 5) – all on the malecón – check our calendar for times!]

D.L.: Yeah, we have 3 gigs down there this weekend and if somebody wants us to play earlier after the next day or whatever, we play music anyways….at the beach, at the condo, in the van, or at someone else’s house. Tell me to play live, that’s what we’re here for.

RP360: Would you describe yourselves safely within the genre of country…? Americana?

boo-dlmarble-SB16 DL Marble: Making music that's Hard to QuitD.L.: I would say Americana Country, but we’re really an old fashioned rock and roll band, i.e. Jackson Brown, Petty, Seegar, Jimmy Buffet, RCPM… but I’m a born cowboy so what ever, it’s just cool music.

RP360: Since you were in LA last month at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), does that mean you’re signed or have endorsements…with who?

D.L.: We are on CASA Music Group, an Independent Label Group. We just got new management out of NY. 360 Degrees, Inc. We are writing a new record now….and going to start booking and promoting the current record “Hard To Quit”. We’re just working really hard to play great music and earn fans! We’ll be headed to SXSW (South by Southwest in Austin, TX) on the 18th! Our sponsors are Spector basses, Curt Mangan strings, Dirtbag clothing, Kala brand music, Shubb Capos, Washburn Guitars, AND MEXICAN MOONSHINE!!!

RP360: Is it your first time for SXSW?

D.L.: Yes, I’m pumped!

RP360:  – oh, and what is D. L….. ?dl-beach-bum DL Marble: Making music that's Hard to Quit

D.L: Ah, right that’s Donald Lawrence

Catch DL Marble this weekend in Rocky Point as he helps get Spring Break going – he’ll be strumming down by the Old Port. Plus, according to Bands in Town, DL will be making his way back to the Sea of Cortez April 22nd lined up at Banditos.

Just like the album says, D.L.’s music is hard to quit! Grab your sombrero and let this country desert musician add a lullaby to your days by the sea.



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