Dialysis machine acquired through donations

dif-maquina-dialysisCurtis and Angela Weitnauer of the U.S. recently donated $5,000 dollars to ongoing efforts to equip the city’s first dialysis center. This, along with other donations, has allowed the center to acquire the first of four machines for the center.

Mrs. Rafaela Félix de Figueroa, local President of the office on Integral Family Development (DIF), expressed that undoubtedly this is an important donation as it involves costly equipment. She noted the project has come about thanks to the noble heart of many people, both locally and from abroad.

“I am truly grateful to the Weitnaurs for believing in this project, as well as the work we’ve been doing in leading the Puerto Peñasco DIF. My acknowledgement for their noble heart, as well as for all those who have joined this project,” she expressed.

Mrs. Félix de Figueroa made reference to the extensive list of people and businesses that have provided both financial and in kind donations to the Dialysis Center project, including the “Caring Hearts” Foundation, and donations from Sonoran Resorts, among many others.  She also recognized the work of Francisco Bercovich which led to the Weitnaur’s donation, who are originally from the state of Minnesota.




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