Dialysis Center addresses final steps before opening

The city’s first ever and long-awaited Dialysis Center has addressed final measures, including a contract with a hazardous waste collection company and development of the dialysis patient model, paving the way for it to begin functioning at any time in coming weeks.

To begin, detailed Clinic Administrator Orlando Corrales , the clinic will offer private services at accessible costs for patients principally from Puerto Peñasco and Sonoyta so they no longer have to travel to other cities for sessions.

A key part before launching services was that of developing a dialysis patient model, or rather the model ensuring individual care for each patient given their condition and exact needs.

The nursing team at the Puerto Peñasco Dialysis Center spent recent months training in how to care for dialysis patients at a hospital in Hermosillo. This real life experience will help onsite nurses offer safe care for local patients.

The Comprehensive Community Assistance Project Civil Association (“Proyecto de Asistencia Comunitaria Integral”) behind the initiative, reports the clinic has oxygen equipment if needed, as well as the reverse osmosis treatment plant (water purifying system), which were both requirements under official Mexican regulations.

For those interested in visiting, the clinic currently opens at 9 a.m. (Monday-Friday), offering information on the services soon to be available.  The clinic is located in Col. Las Brisas near the General Hospital and right behind the IMSS Family Clinic.

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